by Victoria Gregory April 22, 2020

Has there ever been a time in recent memory where we collectively felt the true value of family life more than we do today? 

✽ ✽ ✽


Life, as we knew it, came to mighty big crossroads somewhere at the junction of March and mayhem.
The way we think, the way we live, the way we spend our spare time has shifted so abruptly and the underlying theme here……is that family matters.

Family is the new social, the new safe haven, the new Saturday night.  It would be fair to say that many of us have been inspired by this new normal.  Inspired to create, to adapt and to thrive with our families, partners and friends in new ways we never could have imagined a few short months ago.  As an understatement, 2019 is so very, last year…..
(Special note to the ‘huggers’ out there – we feel you xo)

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand what it’s like when things don’t go to plan. There is unexpected beauty and magic in the imperfect. These are our silver linings and they are simply everywhere at the moment…. The simple acts of kindness we have all witnessed, or read about or performed are the threads that hold us together during these times.  

We will get back to sunny days and Sunday lunches. We will throw our arms around our friends as they come tumbling though our open doors. We will throw down picnic rugs and sit on the sand until our bums are sore and the sun has set.

Until then, from our family to yours,
Stay safe, share the love,
CL xx

Victoria Gregory
Victoria Gregory


Victoria Gregory is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Cabana Lifestyle, a boutique coastal lifestyle brand and creators of Australia's original waterproof totes. @cabanalifestyle #cabanabag


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