The Cabana Story

Creators of Australia’s Original Waterproof Totes 


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Eight years ago John and Victoria Gregory realised there was a huge gap in the Australian market for waterproof beach & lifestyle totes.  How could this be in a country of millions of devoted beach-lovers?  As a growing tribe of six, including three surfers, four kids in swimming lessons and two water-loving-labradors, the go-to options were limited……and if we needed a better solution, then perhaps other families would too? 

Why carry two, when one will do?


So in an answer to these questions, we set out to create our first Original Waterproof Tote . It had to be practical, it had to be easy-to-use and it had to be affordable for every Australian family.  It had to be big enough to fit everything for everyone, and then some.  It had to be easy to clean and not bring home half the sand on the beach. And with Victoria’s passion for interiors, design and all-things-creative, it had to be gorgeous.

We launched our first collection in 2015 to an incredibly warm response and sold out completely.  Our designs are named after destinations that hold special memories for us – both here in Australia and from our respective childhood summers spent in Cape Cod, California and our barefoot wedding at a weatherboard beach house in Maui.

Since then, we have continued to design all of our products at our headquarters on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and we are still a 100% family-owned and operated Australian business. Our range has grown with us, and in SS2019 we launched our Jute + Bamboo Totes and our first Beach & Picnic Towel.


We are passionate about what we create and we put our heart and soul into every detail of Cabana Lifestyle.  We think about you, our incredible community of customers in every detail, and pride ourselves on having the best possible customer service.


Thank you for your amazing support and loyalty; you inspire us and we are always grateful.


‘Stuff me full of wet, sandy towels… I will never complain.  I am the Labrador of tote bags.’



Above, our fur baby Maui.